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Design & Development
ESSEN’s core strength in Design & Development of Electronics, Electro-mechanical & EW Systems for various applications that includes Industrial, Defence, Aerospace has made the Customers to trust and off-load the Orders/Contracts that contain full-fledged Design packages and also working on Built to Specifications model. The Company has nearly two decades hands on experience.

Essen possesses vast capital and skilled human resources i.e. Software & Hardware to meet any stringent project-based for product design and develop projects on Turnkey model. It organizes meetings with concerned teams of management to reinforce the key ideas so as to identify the customer needs, concept generation, product architecture, industrial design, development and design for manufacturing.

Essen develops in-house test system for functional checks as required by the project and is omnipotent for one-stop solution to all sorts’ of projects.

Essen is also focusing on R&D activities & development of new Technologies. It has launched a Regional Office cum R&D Centre at Bangalore to support our Regional Customers to meet their immediate requirements.
Some of the Projects executed are :
Under water Weapons / Vehicle application, Data Acquisition Systems, Control & Communications, Guidance & Navigation, Communication & Interlocking, Simulators, Test panels, Test jigs.
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